iStunt 2 is an addictive snowboard game developed by Miniclip. Hit the slopes, do tricks and stunts

Become the best snowboarder and set your sights on the World in this exciting game iStunt 2. Show off your mad snowboarding skills and perform over-the-top and outrageous air tricks to boost your score to the limit. The World Snowboarding Championships are just around the corner and as a struggling snowboarder, you level your chances of winning by training at a local mountain pass. Test out your skills and see if you can make it to the top of the snowboarding World Cup in iStunt 2.

At the start of the course:¬†you will be free-falling from the cliff of the mountain and it’s now left in your hands to create your chance and make a great landing. Perform insane tricks to earn score and make sure to land on your feet otherwise its useless doing so.
Numerous stars are scattered all over the course and collecting them will ultimately maximize your points.


Use the Arrow Keys to control the snowboarder. Press UP to jump and DOWN to crouch. Use the left and right arrow keys to turn.
For As you go far, you will encounter numerous obstacles like deadly icicles or huge buzz saws along the path so it’s best to use whatever you got. You can also press the down button to crouch and avoid obstacles or up to make your character jump over it.
Red Flags indicate a checkpoint while Green ones indicate the goal. Make sure to pass through checkpoints so that you can start from that point should any chance your snowboarder crash along the course. Time your jumps to make sure you jump from cliff to cliff or use Speed Boosts to increase your momentum or your speed. While in midair, perform air tricks and stunts to increase your points. Press Z to perform a Tail Grab, X for a Nose Grab or simultaneously press Z and X buttons to perform an Indy.

Play game istunt 2 at
Play game istunt 2 at

You will also come across Gravity Switchers where you will be snowboarding upside down making it more than harder to snowboard. A combination of speed and balance is important to succeed in this game. Follow the momentum and jump off from one cliff to another whilst performing tricks. But bear in mind that no matter how well you perform an air trick, it won’t matter unless you make a safe landing, with both feet planted on the ground.
You will snowboard across a winding course and your job is to steer and turn the snowboarder around to make sure you perform a great landing. See how well you can perform on a World Class level in this sensational and exciting game of iStunt 2. Play more game at: friv com friv now!

Have Fun! Hope you enjoy!

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