Duck Life :

Everybody likes to race ducks, right? Adopt an adorable waterfowl and teach him cool tricks, like flying and swimming.

Play Duck Life game: The Duck is back! Run, jump and fly through the caves and collect as much treasure as you can. Duck Life: … Train your duck and compete in races and tournaments!

Play Duck Life Game Now – Much Fun

If you are looking for an adventure game worth playing for, try the Duck Life game series. Each installment will make enjoy. As you go through each installment from the first Duck Life game, you will also notice the improvements made in every game release. Not to worry for you will learn how to play duck life.

Duck Life is a fun game for kids of all ages

The Duck Life game series is not only for grown-ups and adults. Even children can play the game. Aside from having no violence and foul words in the game, the graphics and concept will be very attractive for them. Children will be interested in Duck Life games because it has the concept of taking good care and training a pet. And in this game series, teaching a duckling. Of course, for very young kids, you will need to guide and teach them how to train the duckling in different skills.

The duck life game series – much fun

Your main objective in Duck Life 1, 2, 3 and 4 is to train hard in the skills of running, flying, swimming and climbing. Duck Life 4 – Color Switch, Duck Life 3 Evolution.
Although in the Duck Life 1, climbing is not included yet. Your goal is to join and win first place in all and every race or tournament there is in the game. If you win first place, you will win more cash and unlock more items beneficial to your game play.
The game interface of duck life games is very friendly and easy to learn. From Duck Life 1 to Duck Life 4, you will see on top of the screen the Levels of your duckling’s skills, the buttons for training, the game shop and the Options. As long as you can read and understand, you will not be lost in the game.

In Duck Life 5, however, the game did away from trainings and tournaments. Your main objective now is to find rare gems and the hidden treasures in the cave of the dormant volcano. There are several shops outside the volcano. All items you buy are not simply decorative. They boost your skills or your health or even protect you from any attacks.
Train your duck and compete in races and tournaments. The life of a duck is short. So do not waste time, and train your duckling. Enjoy!
You can also buy pets which are very useful while you play. Visit Friv com  to know more and play the games all for free! Enjoy!

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