How to play Papa’s Hot Doggeria: Papa Louie opened a Hot Doggeria restaurant and you are hired to satisfy customers by making delicious hotdogs?

Play Papa’s Hot Doggeria: is the seventh Gameria in the Papa Louie restaurant management series. Papa Louie has various restaurants and business in many part of the city, and he is always hiring. In an opening season at Griller Stadium, as the counters get crowded with people buying tickets to enter the stadium and watch the game, it becomes rather difficult to get the tickets, and it would be unfortunate if the tickets are all sold out and there is nothing else to do but then Papa Louie comes to the rescue as he gives the chance to view the game while working inside the stadium serving hot dogs.


Papa Louie has many customers waiting in line for his delicious hot dogs and on the opening game, Papa Louie leaves you in charge of the Hot Doggeria and you must serve all the customers or else you are going to get fired which means the end of you spectating the game. So, learn the proper way of serving the hot dogs, taking orders and cooking to keep Papa Louie’s reputation intact and you job secured. Make sure you do not overcook the sausages and put the right ingredient in the hot dogs. The game is a great simulation of a restaurant and requires hastiness in order to get better scores or tips. Play tycoon game Papa’s Hot Doggeria, fun and challenging cooking business …

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